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Our Process from Start to Finish


1 – Request a Quote

Call and give a description of what you would like to have done. I will then give you an estimated price based off your initial needs/wants and schedule a time to check in your animal.


2- Animal Check In

A thorough inspection of your animal will be conducted. Any scars, holes, tears etc will be annotated and discussed in detail. A detailed description of your desires will be discussed and you will be given a finalized price.


3- Prepare The Capes

Capes will be completely fleshed, eyes, ears, lips, and nose will be turned. Capes will be salted until the cape is able to be shipped to the tannery.


4- Tanning

Depending on the type of mount or flat skin desired your cape will be sent to one of 5 tanneries that I use.


5- Pre-mount Preparation

Capes will be rehydrated (if needed depending on which tannery is used). The eyes, lips, and nose is thinned out. The ears will be finished turning and prepped for ear liners. Any holes, tears, or scars needing repair will be fixed at this point.


6- Client

I will contact you in order to confirm your desired pose. If you would like to change the pose this is the time to do it. Upon confirming your pose I will immediately order your mannikin and additional items needed to mount your trophy


7- Mannequin Preparation

Upon receiving your mannikin I will outline the musculature discussed during check in. Pictures will be sent to you for your approval. Once your approval is given I will rough out the musculature and re send pictures so you can see the progress. Once you approve your mannikin will be smoothed out and finished. Antlers / horns will be attached and the eyes will be fixed to your mannikin.


8- Mounting

The day prior to mounting I will put in your ear liners and allow them to set and cure overnight. On mounting day you will receive pictures of the progress as your animal is mounted. Any carding that is needed will be placed on your animal while the hide paste dries locking in your musculature.


9- Finish Work

Once your animal is completely dried your eyes, and nose channels will be sculpted. When all sculpting is completed your animal will sit for 24 hours to allow the epoxie time to set. When all epoxie is dry your animal will be airbrushed to bring out and top off the alive appearance.


10- Photos & Pick Up

Your animal will have it’s final primping and official pictures taken. You will receive these pictures so you have a copy. You will be notified of the completion and we will arrange a pick up time and date.



I give free classes to all sportsmen and sportswomen on the proper way to cape your animals in the field. Different animals require different cuts in order to produce the best product possible. This information will enable you to properly remove the entire cape from your animal without causing any unnecessary damage to your hide. Classes are available for Antlered animals, Horned animals, Life Size mounts, shoulder mounts, 1/2 Life Size mounts, rugs, and flat skins.


I will teach you the best way to prepare and store your animals in the field. We will go over what equipment you have, the environment and season you are hunting, and the best options for you to preserve your hides until you can check them in.

Please allow up to 6 months completion on all projects